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WATERVILLE: Man leaves his pants behind at crime scene
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Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel 06/29/2009


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WATERVILLE -- Police early Sunday morning arrested a 20-year-old man after he allegedly broke into and vandalized a North Riverside Avenue home only to leave his pants, shirt, sneakers and wallet at the scene.

Christopher Edgecomb, of Mariaville, faces charges of burglary, aggravated criminal mischief and possession of alcohol by a minor.

Waterville Police Sgt. Jeffrey Bearce said Edgecomb, who was intoxicated and covered with a pink substance believed to be Pepto-Bismol, later tried to escape while being booked at Waterville Police Department.

"He was able to get out of the handcuffs," Bearce said, "and attempted to get out the back door."

But Bearce said police secured Edgecomb quickly and sent him to Kennebec County Jail in Augusta. He faces a Sept. 8 arraignment at Waterville District Court, Bearce said.

He said Edgecomb, a member of the Maine National Guard, was supposed to report to his unit in Lewiston later Sunday morning.

Bearce said police were first alerted to troubles on North Riverside Drive when a resident of the street reported a young man dressed in only his underwear jumping on the hood of a Volkswagen car at 25 North Riverside Drive, where a party was taking place involving about 30 young people, all but a few them minors.

That young man turned out to be Edgecomb, Bearce said.

Bearce said the windshield of the Volkswagen was shattered when police arrived. He said several people at the party said Edgecomb was responsible for the damage.

The party was hosted by Emily Sawyer, 20, who lives at the house, Bearce said. He said Sawyer told police that she had intended the occasion to be limited to her and 11 sorority sisters. Bearce said Sawyer's parents were out of state.

Instead, Bearce said nearly 20 other people "crashed" the party, which he said featured large quantities of beer and hard liquor.

"In the living room, they had set up a sawhorse with an eight-foot piece of plywood over it that was covered with (alcoholic beverages)," Bearce said.

He described the party as out of control when police arrived.

"It was just a wonder that nobody was seriously injured or killed," he said.

Police summonsed Sawyer on Sunday night on a charge of furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol. Bearce said a conviction on the charge could bring a fine of up to $1,000 and up to seven days in jail.

When contacted Sunday night, Sawyer declined to comment.

"When we arrived, we were only able to make contact with two or three people," Bearce said. "Nobody else came to the door. (Sawyer) wouldn't let us in. They were less than cooperative."

Bearce said Edgecomb had broken into and vandalized a house, unoccupied at the time, down the street earlier in the evening, before he jumped on the car in front of Sawyer's home.

Edgecomb smashed in the front glass door of that home and then broke the back door of the house as well, Bearce said.

He then overturned some furniture in the house, Bearce said, before leaving after taking off all his clothes, save for his underwear briefs.

Bearce said police found Edgecomb's driver's license in a pocket of his discarded pants, as well as his wallet, at the scene.

Edgecomb apparently walked back to the party dressed only in his underwear and then began to jump on the Volkswagen. He also had a pink substance on his face and chest that Bearce said he believed to be Pepto-Bismol.

"I think what happened is either he was so intoxicated or so sick that he took (the Pepto-Bismol) or somebody gave it to him," Bearce said.

Bearce said police could not find Edgecomb when they arrived and initially searched the area for him.

But it turned out that Edgecomb was still inside the Sawyer home.

"He was literally carried up the stairs and brought to us by party participants," Bearce said.

Bearce said Edgecomb appeared unconscious.

"We called for an ambulance because, at first, he was not very responsive," Bearce said, "but he quickly changed from unresponsive to very aggressive."

Bearce said when police initially entered the Sawyer home, many of those at the party were hiding in closets or bathrooms.

He said once police established control of the house, most of the party attendees were cooperative.

Bearce said police issued summons to 24 young people for possession of alcohol by a minor.

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